Music Journalism


Many of my favorite music-based conversations were published in I Need to Know: The Lost Music Interviews (St. Petersburg Press, 2019). On this page I’ll put others, from over the years, along with music features that I liked. This page will be updated often.

Linda Ronstadt: ‘I grew up thinking I was a boy soprano’

Waylon Jennings: ‘I’m allergic to bullshit’ (1998)

Wild tales and then some: Talking with Graham Nash (2008)

The boat in Tori Amos’s back yard (2004)

Billy Joel: Words and music … and no more words (1996)

Steve Earle on Townes Van Zandt (2009)

When Elvis followed his dream to Florida (1999)

Oral History: Kenny Rogers & the First Edition go to ‘Calico’ (2020)

Bo Diddley: ‘The easiest way to shut you up …’ (2002)

Willie Nelson: Funny How Time Slips Away (1994)

Earth, Wind & Fire: The elements (2006)

Tom Petty/Mike Campbell: Rednecks in Space (1986)

The Heartbreakers interview: Satan eats Cheese Wiz (1987)

‘Let’s go out there and be a bunch of bros’: Ron Blair and the Heartbreakers (1991)

Eric Clapton, Duane Allman and one historic concert (2018)

‘Didn’t you used to be Grace Slick?’ (2007)

Seals & Crofts: We May Never Pass This Way Again (1992)

Rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest photobomb (2004)

Champagne Soul: A toast to the 5th Dimension: (2000)

Taking the 5th: Jimmy Webb (2000)

Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris: The Everly Sisters (1999)

The Man from APPLE: A few words with Peter Asher (2007)

Tori Amos: ‘An angry 40-year-old is a scary thing’ (2003)

Neil Finn and Tim Finn: Brothers’ keepers (1996)

Neil Finn: Whistling this (1998)

Ray Parker Jr.: Who You Gonna Call? (2006)

Kenny Rogers: Life as a Gambler (2001)

Chicago: The Fellowship of the Logo (2004)

‘If we thought it was great, we put it out’: The story of Blue Thumb Records (1996)

Davy Jones: Loneliness is a friend of mine these days (2006)

Peter Tork: Don’t step on my Shoe Suede Blues (2004)

Art Garfunkel: The Voice (2014)

Interview: Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses (2011)

Interview: Seth Avett (2011)

‘The wire is life’: A conversation with Phil Lesh (2006)