Vintage St. Pete (and Vintage Pinellas) 3

Vintage St. Pete (and Vintage Pinellas) 3
Provisional cover

It’s April 23, 2023 as I’m writing this, and we’re a few chapters into the layout for our third Vintage St. Pete book. I’m really excited about this one.

There are stories about beloved restaurants (including the Kapok Tree Inn, Ted Peters and the Penguin), salutes to iconic St. Pete characters (including musician Lenny Dee, newspaper columnist Dick Bothwell and Beaux Arts founder Thomas Reese), memories of Ernie Lee, Salty Sol Fleishman, Shock Armstrong and the others from Big 13 TV, a fond look back at the Festival of States parade, the rock bands Stranger and the Headlights, and of course Pinellas County movie-making, from The Strange One and Bang the Drum Slowly to Spring Breakers and Dolphin Tale.

With luck, lots of coffee and a prevailing wind, we should be able to publish by the fourth quarter of 2023.

From St. Petersburg Press